It’s been a busy year for the new Indianapolis Public Schools! The Governance Team consists of all Board members and Superintendent Ferebee, they have made some great changes over the past year. We have a new brand and a new attitude toward five-star service that has the district heading in an exciting direction.

Restructuring central services reduced bureaucracy between schools and families and the services the district offers. Now the district can do more to serve the community.

The new IPS is more responsive than ever before. With community work sessions and town hall meetings, student talks, staff meetings, stakeholder surveys, Twitter chats, one-on-one meetings, business and community group meetings, the new IPS has taken great strides to listen to what everyone has to say and prove what Dr. Ferebee has noted, that our “greatest asset … is our people” and that students are “our most valuable resource.”

With new monthly budget reconciliation and a budget development committee made up of various stakeholders, the new IPS has financial transparency and more ownership over the budget.

Together, Dr. Ferebee and the Board have taken significant actions including:

  • Approving a slimmer, more efficient budget
  • Introducing a district-wide recycling program for a greener IPS
  • Partnering with Tindley Accelerated Schools, Inc., to meet Arlington Community High School operational costs and keep the school open
  • Adding more snow days planned into the calendar (a necessity after last winter!)

We celebrate with the new Governance Team and all those in the district who have had a hand in these and the many other exciting actions taken in the past year. And together as the new IPS, we all look forward to the changes in the year ahead!