Oct. 13, 2016 

Every 86 seconds a home fire is reported in the
U.S. and 33 percent of fires are started by children ages 6-9.* In
Indianapolis, the fire department responded to more than 18,850 fire runs in
2015, with more than 550 of them working structure fires.


In Indianapolis, most home fires originated
from sources outside the home and spread to the homeowners or renters property,
according to The Hartford’s claims data. The second most common cause of
home fire is electrical followed by cooking.


To help educate children in Indianapolis about
the importance of fire prevention and safety, The Hartford is partnering with
the school district and Indianapolis fire department to bring the company’s Junior Fire Marshal program to the city.


“The Junior Fire Marshal Program is part of The
Hartford’s ongoing commitment to help build safer communities,” said Debora
Raymond, spokesperson for The Hartford’s Junior Fire Marshal program. “We are
pleased to be able to bring this program to the city of Indianapolis and
empower the next generation of children to take an active role in reducing the
fire risk in their homes.”


The Hartford will grant $10,000 each to the
Indianapolis Fire Department and Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) to support
ongoing fire safety education. As part of the program, the company will also be
providing a Junior Fire Marshal kit to every kindergarten through third-grade
classroom in IPS. The classroom kit comes with 30 of The Hartford’s signature
fire red helmets, an educator and parent guide and coloring posters designed to
introduce fire safety concepts.


The educator’s guide includes fire prevention
tips for the most common causes of fires including candles, cooking, matches
and lighters and heating. As part of the fire safety curriculum, teachers have
the opportunity to get students involved with demonstrations, activities, and
creating a family escape plan.


The Hartford to Host Junior Fire Marshal Day at
Clarence Farrington School 61

The Hartford is partnering with Clarence
Farrington School 61 and the Indianapolis Fire Department to host a hands-on
fire safety day. This includes a simulated fire and smoke demonstration in The
Hartford Fire Safety House, an opportunity to meet local firefighters, tour
their fire truck and try on gear. The event will take place at Clarence
Farrington on Thursday, Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. EDT.


About The Hartford’s Junior Fire Marshal

The Hartford’s Junior Fire Marshal program was
created in 1947 – to teach fire safety education to kids and keep families
safe. The company’s signature red fire helmets have been proudly worn by
generations of children who have learned the basics of fire safety through an
innovative and educational program.The program teaches lifesaving lessons such
as Stop, Drop and Roll; Go Low in Smoke; Draw a Home Fire Escape Plan and more
through fun, engaging and educational activities and allows parents and
teachers to have meaningful and vital fire safety conversations with children
and students. Since the program’s inception, The Hartford has deputized more
than 110 million Junior Fire Marshals.

*National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

**Based on an analysis of The Hartford claims
data in the city of Indianapolis between 2010 and 2015


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