Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School takes their students’ work with the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) seriously. All Crispus Attucks sophomores are required to complete the CLD Self-Discovery Program.
According to the CLD, the Self-Discovery Program gives students “greater insight into personal, educational and career goals” so that they can “make effective decisions and overcome barriers that impede their achievement.”
And that’s just what many Crispus Attucks students are doing. Tierni T. wants to pursue Music Business Management and said the CLD program instructors helped her learn “how to keep an eye on that area, build my brand and stay away from trouble.” She said, “I learned a lot about how to present myself.”
Anna M., who wants to go into physical therapy, learned even more practical things from her CLD mentors. “I know now what to expect from college. I learned about what credits are, and the different types of degrees like a bachelor’s degree.”
Makayla R., who has her eye on neonatology, agreed, “I learned a lot about college searching and what to look for on college websites. I also learned how to speak in front of people without the ums and ahs.”

Once they complete the Self-Discovery Program, in grades 11 and 12 students can look into internships or practicums in their areas of interest. Students can also complete other CLD programs, like

  • The Rawls Scholars Medicine Initiative, which gives students firsthand experience with medical professionals
  • The Business Orientation Project, which trains students about owning their own business or leading in corporate setting
  • SAT Prep, which helps prepare students for all areas of the SAT
IPS funds the students’ participation in the CLD programs and provides transportation for students to the Self-Discovery Program at CLD.
“Holding the program at CLD rather than school helps students understand that with great freedom comes even greater responsibility,” said Crispus Attucks Assistant Principal Marty Weyand, “and this serves as a great precursor for future opportunities which take place at IUPUI and/or various internship sites.”

Work with the CLD truly gives Crispus Attucks students a chance to clarify and plan for what’s ahead for them. Indianapolis Public Schools is glad this rewarding relationship with the CLD provides students a view of their futures and the skills they need to move forward successfully!