Did you know? Young adults who have had a mentor as a child are 55% more likely to enroll in college. January marks the 15th year of National Mentoring Month, a public awareness campaign that celebrates mentoring and the positive effect it can have on our youth. 


There are many children throughout Central Indiana, and even within IPS, who can benefit from the support and guidance of a strong mentor. Nine million children in America are forced to make key life decisions without enough guidance—that means one in three children aren’t being exposed to meaningful adult connections outside of their homes. 


Studies show students that are exposed to a strong support team have improved academic, social and economic growth; this progression ultimately will strengthen the community in which they live. 


Local partners such as United Way of Central Indiana, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Indiana, 100 Black Men of Indianapolis and many more throughout the city have wrapped their arms around the students of IPS. When people get involved, meaningful connections are made – the relationship between the mentor and the student will have positive outcomes at home, at work and within our community. 


January 21, as a special highlight of National Mentoring Month, was Thank Your Mentor Day, powered by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. We encourage members of our community to personally thank or honor those individuals who have encouraged you and made a lasting impact on your life.


Educators within our schools make lasting impressions on their students every day. If an IPS teacher or principal has made a difference in your life, say thank you by nominating them for the Hubbard Life Changing Teacher or School Leader Award today! If selected as a winner, they could receive a $25,000 award! The submission deadline is January 24