We live in a time where everyone wants the latest news and information at their fingertips, and they want it now. The students of our Career Technology Center’s (CTC) TV Broadcasting career pathway are honing their skills as visual journalists to broaden opportunities after high school.
This is the first year for CTC’s Broadcast pathway; under the guidance of an advisory council comprised of local television, communications and education professionals, CTC director Ben Carter established the curriculum for this exciting new program. This is one of 15 career pathway programs available to all IPS students through the CTC, located on the campus of Arsenal Technical High School. While most CTC students attend Tech, some students come from other schools to take part in these unique programs. Many of the Tech students involved in TV Broadcasting are also active in the school’s Cannon Media journalism courses.
“We can take some of the things we’ve learned here into our other journalism classes and further our knowledge about our projects,” said Latrice R., a senior at Arsenal Tech. Latrice also said she’s excited about going into her college classes with more experience than her peers. “We won’t be going in there high and dry when we get there,” she said, “and we may even be able to help our classmates because we already have experience.”
Broadcast teacher Ray Masterson joins CTC with 16 years of experience in TV news; he was most recently a director and production manager at FOX59. Masterson brings his recent experience and passion for visual storytelling to the classroom in a way that truly connects with students. Many students remarked that Masterson’s sense of humor and laid-back nature make it fun to learn; in just one semester students have already learned to shoot video and edit their own pieces on industry-standard equipment. As the year rolls on, planned remodeling efforts in CTC will result in a high-quality studio and additional work space for students.
“This is a great resource for our kids,” said Masterson. “Once our remodel is finished, this space is going to be nicer than anything I ever had in college!”
Masterson uses his contacts in the news world to bring in a variety of guest speakers to his classes including local news directors, reporters and anchors. Students said they really enjoyed a recent visit from anchors Dan Spehler and Fanchon Stinger of FOX59; students interviewed their guests for an upcoming Tech TV broadcast, and they received a lot of information and advice on careers in broadcasting.
“I learned that you really have to work hard to get into the news,” said junior Aejah C., “and there’s a lot of work behind the camera that goes into it.” Aejah is prepared to put in the effort to convert her passion for TV into a career; she’s already researching her options at Ball State and other leading communications programs.
Students are also getting real-world experience through class projects. This semester, students will begin creating weekly broadcasts for Tech TV. The first of these is a Black History Month special; students are researching, shooting video and editing stories on influential figures including Oscar Robertson, Ruby Bridges, Madame CJ Walker, Michael Jackson and more. Another exciting upcoming project will help an outstanding community partner that supports every school in IPS, Teachers’ Treasures. Tech TV students will produce promotional videos for this philanthropic organization.

“We want people to know that we’re here, and we’re a great option for students,” said Masterson. We’ll be seeing much more from Tech TV as the school year progresses, so stay tuned for updates and more exciting projects from our future broadcast professionals!