Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Teach Indy, a new partnership between Indianapolis Public Schools, The Mayor’s Office, and The Mind Trust aimed at recruiting experienced teachers from across the state and country to teach in the district schools and charter schools of Indianapolis’ urban core.

The Teach Indy campaign affirms The Mind Trust’s central belief that great teachers and school leaders are the most important ingredients for student success. It celebrates the stories of real Indianapolis teachers making a difference in our city’s schools every day. In doing so, the campaign showcases why Indianapolis is one of the best cities in the country for teachers to realize their professional and personal aspirations.

The Teach Indy website,, connects educators across the country with the more than 100 schools located in Indianapolis’ urban core, providing snapshots of each school’s educational model and programs as well as an up-to-date job board. The website also introduces some of the city’s teacher-affiliated organizations and the process for getting a teaching license in Indiana. 

At a larger level, Teach Indy is emblematic of what makes Indianapolis one of the best-positioned cities in the country to give every student access to a high-quality education. Indianapolis is, to quote the campaign’s flagship video, “a city where education is a priority and our schools are one of our greatest assets, where an entire community of educators, innovators, and civic leaders are working together to help great teachers create the future of education in America.”