Feb. 17,



I am always interested in learning about the instruction
happening in classrooms throughout IPS — from the content to the varying teaching
styles being used. This month, I have the pleasure of highlighting some of the
amazing work happening around our district!


But instead of me talking about each of these teachers
and their classrooms, I’m letting the educators speak for themselves. I hope
you find inspiration as we make our way through the winter months and finish
out the school year strong.Micah Column Sig


Morrow, math coach, Center for Inquiry School 84 and School 2

the last several years, we have had many fourth- through sixth-grade IPS
students participate in the Indiana M.A.T.H. Bowl. We just finished the IPS M.A.T.H.
Bowl Invitational at CFI 84, where Lew Wallace School 107, SUPER School 19, CFI
2, CFI 84, along with several township school teams, engaged in the friendly
competition,” said Morrow. “I have really enjoyed watching the students be
enthusiastic and grow in math problem-solving skills, while having a lot of
fun.” All teams will participate in the state competition on Feb. 23.


Megan Hoppe, ESL teacher, SUPER School

Duffey and I love coaching M.A.T.H. Bowl because it is our only academic club
for our high-achieving students! It encourages our fourth-grade students to
push themselves and learn new math concepts that they haven’t experienced
in their general math classes. It gives our fifth- and sixth-grade students a
chance to be leaders and to apply some of the skills they have learned in math
class in new, more complicated ways,” said Hoppe. “We love seeing our students
get excited about math and the proud looks on their faces when they answer a
question correctly!”


Jessica Jain, literacy coach,
Center for Inquiry School 84

“During the last two
weeks, I have been guest teaching in some of our K–5 classrooms so that
teachers can have a full day to plan and prepare for our upcoming International
Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) evaluation,” said Jain. “I’ve
really enjoyed spending the entire day teaching across multiple grades, as well
as team teaching with our principal and assistant principal. It has really
given me an opportunity to reflect on my own practice, as well as learn new
ideas and strategies from our teachers.


recently, I guest taught a lesson about fairness in a second-grade class as
part of a unit on rights. The teacher designed the lesson so there was a read-aloud
and students discussed the idea of fairness based on details from the book.
Later, students were given chopsticks to use to try to eat our school snack.
But there was a catch — students could only use the chopsticks to eat the
fruit! It was a great ‘hands-on’ opportunity for students to experience and use
as part of an extended discussion about fairness.”


Allie Buchanan, third-grade teacher, George
S. Buck School 94

— the word makes us cringe, right? Even when it’s grueling, I have to say that
the very high standard for data analysis in our school has been extremely
beneficial for planning instruction. We have seen tremendous growth with our
third-grade students in regard to IREAD and ISTEP preparation,” said Buchanan. “Being
intentional with the conversations we are having has really set us up for
success. Each week, I look forward to sharing my data and discussing ways I can
improve my instruction.”


Barber, literacy coach, Step Ahead Academy

a school, we encourage our students to take a foreign language.  However,
finding success using the online program was difficult for middle school
students.  Teachers, who were adamant that these students get the
opportunity, developed a schedule that not only accommodated more students, but
in smaller groups so they could get more individual attention.  Students
are excelling and earning high school credit!” said Barber.



was great taking a “peek” inside our district classrooms. There are
so many learning experiences worthy of attention, that I will continue this topic
in my next blog post in March. I look forward to highlighting more exciting things
happening in IPS. 


If you would like to share something
you’re proud of, something that is working well, or something new, please email
me at nelsonml@myips.org.