June 5, 2017


 Kathleen Rauth

Kathleen Rauth, media specialist at Center for Inquiry School 27, is the 2018 IPS Teacher of the Year. The 30-year educator joined IPS in 2014.  

excitement in the air was contagious on Monday morning inside Center for
Inquiry School 27 as teachers, family members and students alike surprised longtime
educator Kathleen Rauth with the annual Teacher of the Year Award.



Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee, who presented Rauth with a bouquet of flowers,
expressed his excitement in awarding her as the 2018 IPS Teacher of the Year. He
said that it is important to “shine a light on our heroes” and to truly show
how appreciative the district is for Rauth’s contribution as an educator.



“I work
alongside her, so this is my honor,” said Brandi Herbert, principal of CFI 27. “I’m
so glad to have a champion like her on my team, who makes sure that diversity,
equity, fairness and love is experienced every day through her media and art,
mentorship, and the genuine conversations she has with her students.”



serving as a media specialist at CFI 27, Rauth’s educational career has spanned
30 years across four school districts in three states. She joined Team IPS in
2014. Her love for the arts, learning and culturally diverse literature has
consistently impacted her students, always leaving in them a lasting desire to
continue learning.



Nelson, the 2017 IPS Teacher of the Year, was also at the surprise ceremony to congratulate
Rauth. Nelson spoke about Rauth’s love for literature and her ability to
inspire not only her students but also her colleagues to read more and continue
challenging themselves to learn.



receiving her award, Rauth went into detail about the love she has for just
being in constant dialogue with her students and challenging them to be open to
new cultures and ideas by providing them with the resources to grow.



“I place the highest value on ensuring my students see
themselves and their families in the literature they encounter at school,” said
Rauth. “I also believe that my Media Center can be the place that my students
encounter narratives and cultures outside of their own.”


next year, Rauth will serve as the lead teacher for the media department and is
looking forward to implementing a variety of digital media resources within the
district. She currently serves on the IPS diversity cadre and is
cultivating increased awareness and efforts to encourage all classroom and
school libraries to expand and offer more culturally diverse reading


As a media and art educator, mentor and
advocate, Rauth has made it her life’s goal to not only be a great teacher but
a consistent and lifelong learner. And with the love and support beaming from
her community of students and fellow teachers, it was evident that her impact
is more than appreciated.

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