SUPER School students perform a dance for Kids Dance Outreach Harnessing the power of the arts to fuel academic achievement – that’s the mission of a local program celebrating its first-ever partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools. Kids Dance Outreach (KDO) is a community organization dedicated to using the creativity and discipline of dance to prepare students for a successful future.

KDO serves more than 3,000 elementary students through a series of 8-week programs. Students meet with professional dance instructors each week to learn the basics of movement and the rigor of dance training. They learn about a wide variety of styles including ballet, modern, African, hip hop and musical theater. After two months of training the students put on a performance of their newfound skills for the community.

“Kids Dance Outreach is an amazing program that is so unique in what they provide for our students,” said SUPER School Principal Aleicha Ostler. “I am so thrilled they chose to work with us.”

The creative minds behind KDO sought to develop a program to equip children with discipline, confidence, determination, social consciousness and cognitive skills to prepare for a successful future. Thanks to volunteers and donors, this program is offered at no cost to our students or the district.

“Students almost always have access either free or at discounted rates to be a part of sports programs, but arts programs can be very expensive,” added Principal Ostler. “This provided our students an opportunity to tap into a talent they may not have realized they had. In fact we saw students who may sometimes struggle in other areas truly stand out in this program.”

SUPER School’s focus on movement made it a standout choice for KDO’s first IPS partnership, and the benefits are limitless. We look forward to more positive development through dance in the future!