A student at SUPER School 19 helps himself to the school's new salad bar. Students at SUPER School 19 are enjoying a healthy new option at lunch this year. A fresh salad bar was unveiled this week! Now students can help themselves to a variety of veggies and fruits in addition to the healthy snack they get at school each day.

As an action-based learning site, health and wellness is a big deal at SUPER School. That’s why it is a perfect pilot location for this new initiative. Principal Alechia Ostler says Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee was instrumental in making it happen at SUPER School. Healthy options are a huge hit among the students – many of them have seconds on their fruits and veggies daily!
SUPER School student Makah Logan is “SUPER excited” for the salad bar option this year and loves building his ideal salad with “lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and pineapple” at lunch time. He says that the salad bar is going to give him “extra energy” for the school day.

There will be a rotating list of options available at the SUPER salad bar. The basics, including carrots and cucumbers, are always popular, but students at SUPER School aren’t afraid to branch out. Students find themselves trying and loving unique options such as rutabaga and jicama; they’ll both be among the interesting choices on the salad bar some days. Indianapolis Public Schools is so pleased to find new ways to help students learn healthy life habits!