Excellence. E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-C-E. Excellence!
The IPS Districtwide Spelling Bee has a long tradition of promoting the importance of academics.  All IPS elementary schools were represented as students competed in the district bee earlier today at Anderson Auditorium on the Arsenal Tech High School campus.
Our students didn’t leave their fate up to luck – a lot of preparation goes into this competition. Students mastered the words for Grades 1–8, completed activities on Spell It! and played fun word games at Merriam-Webster’s Word Central.  There’s an additional level you might not remember from the spelling bees of previous generations; a vocabulary round is also included in the competition, where students select the meaning of a word from two provided answer choices. 

Today’s winners included:


1st Place: Lucia Cento, 7th grade scholar from Sidener Academy for High Ability Students

2nd Place: Matthew Tatum, 7th grade scholar from Daniel Webster School 46

3rd Place: William Heffley, 5th grade scholar from Daniel Webster School 46


A happy but laidback Cento proudly accepted her winning trophy and Apple iPad before exiting the stage to greet her family. Her secret ingredient to winning today’s contest is practice. She has participated in numerous spelling competitions in previous years and credited today’s win with past experience. 

Check out photos from today’s event!

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All of the top 18 students from today’s bee are invited to participate in the 2016 Marion County Regional Spelling Bee held at the IUPUI Campus Center Theater located at 420 University Blvd. on Sunday March 6 at 12:15pm.  For directions please visit www.iupui.edu/map. 
The IPS Districtwide Spelling Bee is made possible through the generosity of community partners; thanks to IUPUI, Kroger, Anthem and The Indianapolis Public Library for sponsoring the event, assisting with school enrollment fees, the celebration and prizes for regional accomplishments and the winner’s trip to the national competition. Special thanks to the Rotary Club of Indianapolis for providing volunteers to serve at the regional competition. 
Thank you again to our sponsors and best wishes to all participants! 

Did you miss the action at today’s competition? No worries, we’ve got you covered!