Students Receive Eye-Opening Experience at National Conference Recently, several young men from George Washington Community High School and Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy had the opportunity to attend the National Council on Educating Black Children Youth Summit in downtown Indianapolis.

Students were chosen by school administrators for demonstrating leadership skills among their peers and outstanding performance in school.

The young scholars were able to learn from local superintendents and national leaders, including historian Tony Browder. They were also able to speak with students, representatives and presidents from Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

“The young men reported that they had an eye-opening experience,” said IPS Police Sergeant John Akers, who attended the conference, as well. “They said the speakers were amazing by they way told their stories. This inspired our young men and helped them better understand the importance of a college education and how their ancestors helped pave the way for them.”

“We listened to encouraging speakers and learned a lot about college,” George Washington student Jabril G. said. “It was also great to hear about ways to be successful.”

“A man’s knowledge will only consist of what he desires to know,” Shortridge student Michael W. said.

We agree and hope that the students that attended the conference will continue their desire and quest for knowledge!