At Indianapolis
Public Schools, our goals for students don’t end with their walk across the
stage at graduation. Our Graduation Team is dedicated to ensuring every IPS
grad has a plan for success after high school.


This is such a
strong focus for our district that it’s written into IPS Strategic Plan 2015. Item 1.3.4 is to “Encourage and support
the use of personalized education plans for elementary through high school
students that include graduation and post-secondary goals.”


To track our
progress, IPS recently surveyed our senior class about their post-graduation


“Our goal is to
ensure every student has a solid plan for graduation,” said IPS Director of
Graduation and Alternative Services Lisa Brenner. “This graduation plan
includes life after high school as well. We want every student to leave our
halls enrolled in an institution of higher learning, enlisted in the military
or employed at a livable wage.”


Students who are
“Enrolled” have been accepted into a 2- or 4-year college or university
or have received acceptance to a technical trade school. “Enlisted”
students have completed military enrollment and students in our “Employed”
category leave high school with a job paying a living wage, professional
certification for gainful employment or a plan for successful transition to
adult services and/or community living.


Of our entire
senior class, 863 students (99 percent) completed the IPS senior survey. The
overwhelming majority of these students (79.6 percent) plan to attend a 2- or
4-year postsecondary school; 160 of
our seniors plan to attend Ivy Tech in the fall and 112 have intentions of
attending IUPUI.


Dozens of our
seniors plan to protect our nation at home and overseas. There are 55 students
who expressed plans to enter the military upon graduation, with the largest
number of students (28) joining the ranks of the Army.


We applaud all of our
seniors for the dedication they have put into planning and preparing for a
successful future after high school.