SUPER School 19 is all about being active, and students are making their mark on a unique, human-powered art project! SUPER School students recently helped a local artist with a public art installation coming to their neighborhood.

Ka-Bike-O-Scope is a citywide collaboration led by artist/scientist team Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley. They’re mounting colored transparent plastic pieces on a variety of bicycle wheels to create a giant kaleidoscope. Schools across the city – including SUPER School and Center for Inquiry School 27 – took part in this portion of the creative process.

SUPER School Principal Aleicha Ostler is always looking for new ways to supplement her students’ educational options. “We’re an Action-Based Learning school; we have a lot of movement here, but no formal art program,” she said. Ostler jumped at the chance to combine her school’s commitment to activity with the visual arts.

Students met with Quincy Owens to learn about the science behind color and pigment, and why the Ka-Bike-O-Scope creates such brilliant images. Students selected colors to mix on their bike wheel and assisted Owens in assembling their own color wheel for the project.

SUPER School’s wheel will be part of a public installation coming to the Barth Street Bridge area in the next few weeks. Visitors will be able to jump on a stationary bike or turn a hand crank to put this stunning art in motion. We’ll be sure to share when our students’ amazing work is going on public display!

This isn’t the only great thing happening at SUPER School. Recently, Walmart selected SUPER School as the recipient of a $1,000 grant. Each teacher received a $50 gift card – maybe some will put that money toward supplies for a classroom Ka-Bike-O-Scope!