As we welcome warmer weather this spring, we are also gearing up for the 2015-2016 IREAD Assessment. Reading truly is the core of a regular school day for our young students; and it is also the catalyst for the type of learning experiences they will have for the remainder of their schooling. On any given day, students are engaged in activities that will build a foundation for reading and comprehension. Unlike ISTEP, the IREAD-3 is built to engage only third grade students to measure their reading abilities and to ensure that they can read proficiently before moving on to the fourth grade.


Students have been preparing all year for a successful testing season, but some may still be feeling anxiety or testing jitters given the nature of standardized assessments. Here are a few pre-testing tips to keep your student calm and focused:

  • Ensure your child gets a good night’s rest before a test
  • Help your student to start the day off right with a healthy and nutritious breakfast
  • Ensure your student is present and on time during testing – student generally perform better when testing with their class rather than a make-up test
  • Encouragement can go a long way. Wish them luck and encourage them to do their best!

Parents also have access to IREAD 3 practice tests to allow their student to gain additional prep from home. If you have additional questions or concerns centered on testing, please connect with your child’s teacher or school counselor for support. We wish for continued success for each student participating in ISTEP and IREAD this year. While necessary, standardized testing and the subsequent results are not direct reflections of the hard work put forth by our students and teachers on a daily basis. We urge all of our students to do their personal best and wish everyone luck this testing season!