Theodore Potter students drew skeletons to celebrate Day of the Dead Halloween isn’t the only holiday this coming weekend; many families observe the Mexican Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The celebration includes gatherings of friends and family members to remember people in their lives who have passed away.

“This vibrant holiday is meant to celebrate and remember loved ones who have passed away through time-honored customs,” said Bridget Swinney, art teacher at Theodore Potter Spanish Immersion School 74. “Many feast on the favorite foods of deceased, listen to their favorite music and honor the dead with ofrendas or offerings at home.”

Students at Theodore Potter learned about Día de los Muertos through some interesting art projects. This magnet school emphasizes the importance of learning about the culture of the world’s Spanish-speaking countries as students learn the language.

Students in 4th grade created mixed media drawings inspired by Calaveras, the sugar skull candies traditionally made for Día de los Muertos. These sugar skulls are made for the celebrations as a reminder to enjoy life while we’re living it. Students in 6th grade created a skeleton-themed collage inspired by the holiday. We’re proud of the many cultures that make up the IPS community and our students who enjoy learning more about them!