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Students at Lew Wallace Get Winter Coats While Learning Valuable Lesson/Los Estudiantes de Lew Wallace Obtienen Abrigos de Invierno Mientras Aprenden una Valiosa Lección

Students at Lew Wallace Elementary School not only got a surprise or two Tuesday — a visit by Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle and new winter clothing — but also learned an important lesson.

Or, as Principal Arthur Hinton said, “it is important to understand why we give back and help others.”

The principal and his staff watched as students were stunned by the arrival of Doyle, who was joined by a few of his teammates, along with members of UnitedHealthcare, in handing out the winter coats to students inside the school’s gymnasium.

A $20,000 UnitedHealthcare grant to the Dreambuilders Foundation funded the purchase of more than 500 new coats and additional accessories including hats and children’s wellness kits

Hinton said the event was a complete secret to only a few members of the school’s staff.

“This event today shows our students how important to give to others,” Hinton said. “This puts our students in the position of having resources that they may not have had before. Now they know why we give and how it means that someone else will give. The more you give, the more you get back.”

Doyle and his fellow teammates and UnitedHealthcare personnel spent nearly 90 minutes talking individually with students as well as assisting youngsters in picking out their coats.

The hulking tight end gave each student a big smile along with a handshake or a hug and admitted that spending time with elementary school students made his day.

“It is always important to me to do this,” said Doyle, who played at nearby Cathedral High School before attending Western Kentucky and then making an NFL roster. “I’ve been lucky to be with my hometown team for nine years. Anytime I can give back is important and exciting.”