March 8, 2018

Blanket Parade

SHOWCASING THEIR CREATIONS — Students at George Washington Carver School 87 created 87 blankets for the children at Dayspring Center, a local family homeless shelter.

Things just got a little warmer for the children at Dayspring Center, a local family homeless shelter near downtown Indianapolis.

On March 2, more than 80 handmade fleece blankets were delivered to the shelter specifically for its youngest residents. The cozy and colorful no-sew blankets were made by students and staff at George Washington Carver during Montessori Education Week.

It took three days to complete the act of kindness.

“We created the blankets for the children at Dayspring because we wanted to do something to make the children in the shelter feel a little bit better, brighter and cozier,” said Bernadette Molson, the school’s social worker.

Before the blankets arrived at Dayspring, students and staff held a parade around the school to show off their creations. Each blanket (a total of 87) included an anonymous letter written by a student.

“We are making these blankets to show we care,” read one letter. “Montessori stands for peace, love and kindness. We hope you like your new blanket. We enjoyed making them.”

Molson said a lot of pride and care went into making the blankets.

“It was a wonderful week of activities for the kids and it was wonderful for them to think about others and to make the blankets for the kids,” said Molson. “They took a lot of pride in preparing these blankets knowing that they were going to children in need.”

The staff at Dayspring couldn’t be happier with their new gifts. According to Executive Director Lori Casson, each of the children at the shelter will receive a blanket.

“It’s very inspiring when children recognize the need that exists. It warms my heart to see all of the lovely expressions of care and concern,” said Casson. “Each child will be given a blanket that they can take with them when they leave the shelter. It’s something the children can hold on to.”

Dayspring Center provides emergency shelter, clothing and three nourishing meals a day for homeless families with children in Central Indiana. The staff works with each family to address the issues that led them to homelessness. Eighty percent of residents who complete the program at Dayspring Center move directly into permanent housing.