March 4 marks the final Strategic Plan Community Meeting to explain the strategic plan drafting process and for community members to sign up to participate on one of the three goal area committees—Teaching and Learning, Efficient Operations and Family and Community. The meetings have been a great opportunity to talk with our community about the strategic planning process, and we have been excited by the intelligent questions asked and interest shown by all who participated.

Now that the interest meetings are ending, the work of drafting the strategic plan can begin. Indianapolis Public Schools Chief Strategist Le Boler is contacting those who signed up for one of the committees. Information will be gathered from committee members to gauge their strengths for different roles on the committee, their availability and their preferred meeting styles.
Once that information is gathered from committee members, the committees will each establish meeting times and styles and begin work in earnest. The drafting will occur from March through July.

“This process will be truly collaborative,” said Chief Strategist Boler. She has reminded stakeholders who have signed up at every meeting that the drafting work will take place through consensus. “No single person will push through his/her own personal agenda. Rather, committees and advisory groups will thoughtfully consider ideas proposed by members. Ideas will be met with productive discussion and a fair assessment. Decision points will be inclusive of all perspectives.”

All will have a voice, and all must agree on a set of goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely).

School Board Commissioner Mary Ann Sullivan, who will be working on the Family and Community committee, agreed when she said she wants to “create actionable strategies attached to real results” and that the strategic plan “should be clear, aspirational and coherent” and have “the wider community invested in its implementation and success.”

Chief Strategist Boler indicated the wider community will be engaged because “this work is not being done in isolation. The core commitments and beliefs developed by our Board of School Commissioners guide our planning approach. Regular progress reporting to our community and the engagement of end-user focus groups is a major component of the strategic planning process.”

If you didn’t have a chance to get out to one of the meetings and want to be a part of a strategic plan drafting committee, there’s still time. You can contact Chief Strategist Le Boler at 226.4000 or