Stephen Foster School 67 is the recipient of the Junior League of Indianapolis’ first ever Signature Community Project grant. This grant represents a 3-year partnership between the Junior League and the school with up to a $100,000 in resources, support and mentoring.

Already the Junior League volunteers have:

  • Surveyed parents/teachers to learn their needs
  • Worked in the school’s garden/pond area and the playground
  • Conducted a shoe drive, donated uniforms, and provided school and teacher supplies
  • Hosted a family night and a staff breakfast
  • Purchased Walkie Talkies
  • Donated funding for a YMCA camp in May 
  • Collaborated with the school and Gleaners on a food pantry to open in March
Stephen Foster Principal Tanasha Franklin noted, “Since the partnership is still in the beginning stages, year one does not include a lot of volunteers in the school.”
According to Heather Hall, VP of Community Development for Sun King Brewing Company and the Junior League Signature Project Chair, the mentoring and volunteer work will only grow as the partnership continues.
  • Starting this month, the grant brings Art with a Heart to the school’s kindergarten classes. Two Art with a Heart instructors will work with a classroom instructor to give students experience in painting, collage, drawing and sculpture and give instructors a chance to work with students in smaller groups. 
  • In the spring, OASIS will work with tutoring 2nd and 3rd graders, and Junior League tutors will join OASIS in their work as the partnership continues.
  • Kids in the Kitchen will teach students and their parents about good nutrition and work with them on planting a garden.

And with more in-class volunteering from the Junior League as the grant moves into year two (and professional development for the staff as well), the mentoring aspect of the grant will touch everyone in the school.

“The volunteer and mentoring components of this partnership are significant because they offer students another positive, supporting adult in their lives,” Hall said. “And it is our intention that volunteers and mentors gain a greater understanding of their city and the great work that IPS is doing through these experiences as well.”

We’re proud that Stephen Foster was the first to be awarded this significant grant from the Junior League, and we are excited to watch as the Stephen Foster community and Junior League volunteers grow stronger together!