Indianapolis Public Schools is committed to fostering a
culture of consistent growth; as the results of the first year with a new
ISTEP+ assessment have been finalized, we will use the 2015 A-F accountability
grades as a benchmark moving forward. Our dedicated Research, Evaluation and
Assessment team is using the 2015 data not only to create baseline achievement
markers to evaluate future progress, but also to identify achievement gaps and
potential areas for targeted reinforcement in each of our schools.


Due to concerns regarding the 2015 ISTEP+ assessment,
state lawmakers passed legislation agreeing to hold schools harmless for a drop
in scores for the year; this means schools were not penalized for ISTEP+
performance and received the higher grade of their results from 2014 and 2015
for their final 2015 grade. IPS schools received 34 A, B and C grades, while 31
schools are underperforming. The number of F schools is three fewer than in
2014 and 10 fewer than in 2013.  


encourage continued success for all students, school principals will own their
data – regardless of letter grade – and use it to inform instruction in our
classrooms each day. Schools are examining performance and growth data by grade
level, sub-group, classroom and individual student to ensure that instructional
plans are intentional and personalized. High-performing schools will continue
to focus on growth and closing achievement gaps, and data for consistently
failing schools will still inform our Innovation Restart path among other
school improvement strategies. We are proud of the hard work and dedication our
students and staff show every day, and we look forward to continued progress in
the future!