Indianapolis Public Schools’ principals are committed to leading education in our 60 fantastic schools – and our Governance Team is working hard to streamline support systems for our talented leaders. Our principals weighed in on the biggest improvements they’ve noticed in the first year of our new administration.

“Over the past 12 months there have been some significant changes that have made a direct impact on education,” said Shane O’Day of Gambold Preparatory Magnet High School. “Through a flattened governance structure IPS is more responsive and flexible, producing savings that are being allocated to support our educational programming.”

One of the most significant first-year goals of the new administration team was to streamline IPS central services. Departments were restructured to improve services to our schools in a more fiscally responsible way. We’re glad to see the effects being noticed in the district! “There has been a rejuvenated spirit within the administration,” Mr. O’Day added. “A focus on service leadership has allowed principals and building personnel to focus on what matters most – our students.”

Another important initiative for our IPS leaders is early childhood education. Our pre-school program expanded for the 2014-2015 school year and we’re looking forward to more growth in the future.

“Quality preschool offerings assist in leveling the playing field for IPS early learners,” said IPS Pre-school Coordinator Linda Hogan. “Dr. Ferebee supports quality, accessible and affordable preschool offerings for IPS families of young children. As a champion for IPS families, his commitment and understanding of the preschool program helps establish the love for lifelong learning.” She also commended new partnerships between IPS and organizations that advocate for early childhood education, saying this emphasizes the importance of expanding opportunities for our youngest learners.

Eleanor Skillen School 34 teacher Julie Beaty commented on the new methods our administration is using to stay connected with the community. “IPS is becoming more cutting edge and changing with the times. Social media has been a huge factor by sharing student and teacher successes via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the district website,” she said.

6th grade teacher Robin Summers agreed with her colleague, saying, “I follow Dr. Ferebee on Twitter, and am amazed at the “never quit promoting the district in a positive light” mentality. I am proud to be an IPS educator, proud to be on staff at Eleanor Skillen Elementary, and Proud to Be Public!”