On Wednesday, December 2, Career and Technology Education Director Ben Carter and students from Arsenal Technical High School presented to the Indiana State Board of Education (INSBOE) on IPS strong partnerships that help bolster career pathways and student internship opportunities.



Carter was invited by the INSBOE to share highlights about the IPS Career Technology Center in an effort to feature exciting and innovative educational programs in the state. Focused on the three newest fields, Carter discussed the expansion of the program’s Computer Science, Construction Technology and Manufacturing career pathways.  When considering a pathway expansion, three main areas are studied:

  1. Labor Supply and Demand – determining what is needed in the local, state and national economy.
  2. Student Interest – determining where students’ interests lie.
  3. Industry Partnerships – seeking out partners that are committed to working with our teachers, students and administration to support the career pathways in the form of capital improvement, mentoring and work-based learning.


The Career Technology Center (CTC) at Arsenal Technical High School offers 15 career pathways to IPS students ranging from Cosmetology to Civil Engineering. These fields of study provide students with the “necessary skills and confidence to pursue high demand, competitive wage careers upon graduation from IPS,” says Carter, “Whether that means additional post-secondary training, or apprenticeship, a four-year degree or employment upon graduation.”


The program expansion opened the door to significant community partnerships with IUPUI, Nextech, Duke Realty and 3D Parts Manufacturing. All of which play a major role in the curriculum offered to our students. With the help of IUPUI and Nextech we’re able to offer Computer Science to four IPS high schools including the Career Technology Center. Both partners offer challenging and engaging curriculum that will help build student knowledge on Human Computer Interaction, Web Design, Smart Application Drones and much more.


With the support of strong partner Duke Realty, we were able to revamp the learning environment and turn it into a space where students can learn about Construction Management. Students were given the opportunity to follow along with the team at Duke on a new building project start-to-finish, an immeasurable learning experience that is sure to stick with them as they step out into the professional world.


“Through this course with Duke Realty I’ve learned that every design isn’t perfect. There is a lot of problem solving involved and a strong-thought process must be in place when developing your structures.” Devon N., Senior Civil Engineering student of CTC.


Another highlight of the INSBOE meeting was the discussion about the new Maker Space at the Career Technology Center, made possible with the support of 3D Parts Manufacturing. The team at 3D Parts and CTC worked together to construct a career center that encourages student creativity and invention. “The Maker Space contains 3D printers, a laser cutter, embroidery machines and many other tools and materials to help supplement instruction. It allows students to gain confidence in solving everyday problems,” explains Director Ben Carter.


Jason B., a senior at Arsenal Technical High School is currently serving as an intern with 3D Parts Manufacturing and shares his experience, “While working in the Maker Space I’ve met and worked with all different sorts of people, it’s been a confidence booster. Printers malfunction and machines glitch but I have the confidence to find a solution to the problems that arise because of the time I’ve spent in the Maker Space and with the team at 3D Parts Manufacturing.”


Major things are happening within IPS and we couldn’t be more proud of the excellent work from the team at Arsenal Technical High School and the Career Technology Center. Join us as we continue to challenge students within an elite career center that is demonstrating successful innovation within public education.