Nov. 11, 2016 

Community leaders and organizations recently gathered to celebrate
the great work of Indianapolis Public Schools alumni and to support the current
work of the IPS Education Foundation during the foundation’s annual Hall of
Fame luncheon on Thursday, Nov. 10.


The luncheon recognizes six IPS Hall of Fame inductees for
their accomplishments and raises money to ensure future students will have the
tools needed to be successful in today’s world.


This year’s inductees include:



  • Justice Theodore R. Boehm
    – Boehm, a graduate of Howe High School, graduated summa cum laude from Brown
    University in 1960 and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1963. He
    served as a Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court and currently is a
    partner of Hoover Hull Turner LLP, an Indianapolis law firm.
  • Linda Ann Cheney-Wallace
    – Wallace graduated from Arlington High School in 1973 and has dedicated her
    life’s work to the needs of those who are less fortunate, mainly within the IPS
    system and the city of Indianapolis. She is also a veteran of the United States
    Army Nurses Corp.
  • Mike Epps
    Epps graduated from Arsenal Technical High School in 2016. After dropping out
    of high school at a young age, Epps went on to build a successful career in the
    entertainment industry as an actor and comedian. After nearly 20 years, Epps was
    determined to receive his high school diploma.
  • William Henley
    – Henley graduated from Howe High School in 1968. He has worked for
    Indianapolis Power and Light Company for 43 years and has volunteered for
    numerous community organizations throughout the city. 
  • Frederick S. Klipsch
    – Klipsch graduated from Howe High School and now serves as an executive partner
    with Cardinal Equity Partners. He holds an honorary Ph.D. from Purdue University
    and is active in many philanthropic organizations with a passion focused on
    improving access to high-quality education for all children.
  • General Norris W. Overton
    – Overton graduated from Crispus Attucks High School in 1946 and received his
    Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Indiana University. He received a
    master’s degree in business administration from the Air Force Institute of
    Technology in 1959 and graduated from the advanced management program at the
    Harvard University School of Business Administration in 1972. Brigadier General
    Norris W. Overton retired as vice commander, Army and Air Force Exchange
    Services, in Dallas.



The IPS Education Foundation is creating a stronger
foundation for the Indianapolis community’s future by connecting classrooms with community resources to create
quality, innovative learning spaces that empower students to achieve their
greatest potential.


The foundation is excited to host past and present IPS
students as they honor these nominees and shed light on the efforts they have
put forth for Indianapolis. The hope is that this luncheon will inspire current
IPS students and reinforce the idea that IPS students are ready and willing to
take on the world and that the tools needed in order to do so are readily