He turned a family tragedy into a community summit on freedom and challenges our teenagers face; and he was selected for a prestigious international study program on human rights, now Shortridge High School senior Jalen V. is the recipient of a full tuition college scholarship!


Jalen was surprised at school Tuesday by representatives from Hanover College, who presented him with the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship. The scholarship is named for Hanover’s first African-American student, is granted to students with stellar academic records who have gone above and beyond to strengthen their high school communities. These students have proven track records of bridging gaps among diverse groups and have a demonstrated interest in diversity education, social justice and tolerance.


Benjamin Templeton “began his education in 1832 and spent five years at the College, graduating in 1837…a full 25 years before President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation,” according to Hanover College, and later “went on to lead the free black community in Philadelphia where he served as pastor of the Second African Presbyterian Church.” Receiving this prestigious scholarship is indeed an outstanding accomplishment for our academic all-star!


“This is always an exciting time of year for our seniors as they begin
the transition to their post-secondary plans,” said Shortridhe Principal Shane O’Day. “In this case, it is
especially rewarding due to Jalen’s tenacity and character. His
recognition by Hanover University speaks to his own personal story, as well as
inspires others to strive for excellence. The Shortridge High community
and staff could not be more proud.”






Jalen will be paired with a staff mentor at Hanover, and he will take part in a variety of leadership and service events throughout his college career. We are thrilled to see his years of hard work pay off, and we know Jalen will continue to be an exceptional representative of our IPS family well after graduation!