Some of the city’s smallest chefs-in-training are at Rousseau McClellan School 91. Pre-school and kindergarten classes are wrapping up a study of apples, and they whipped up some culinary delights to celebrate.

“Life cycles are a key lesson in the Montessori approach,” said kindergarten teacher Cindy Williams.

The students at Rousseau McClellan learned about every aspect of an apple’s life. From planting the seed to harvesting the fruit and making delicious apple-themed foods. These students are apple pros!

There are so many types of apples out there – how do we know which one really is best? Mrs. Williams’s class did the hard work for us. Students tried slices of a variety of apples, and voted on which taste was their favorite. The Gala apple was the overwhelming champion…perhaps that’ll make the decision easier on your next shopping trip.

Each class made their own apple treats at the end of their studies. There were apple pizzas and cakes, even snacks that looked like apple trees. Mrs. Williams’s class enjoyed the study of apples so much that they moved on to another tree – the oak. Snacks made to look like acorns sent the students off to enjoy fall break. We’re glad our Montessori students found a tasty way to celebrate their learning experience!