A group of Career Technology Center (CTC) students are making a big impact on their community this holiday season. CTC’s Intro to Fashion and Textile class is donating handmade blankets to a local domestic violence shelter.

When it came time to start a new Fashion and Textiles project, the decision to turn it into a community service was simple. These students have been busy the last few weeks creating a colorful batch of blankets, and now the final product is ready to help women in need during the holidays.

On the last day of class before winter break, a group of students will take all of the blankets to Coburn Place to help families stay warm with handmade gifts this winter. Six of the young women in the Fashion and Textiles class will meet the director of Coburn Place and take a tour of the facility to see how they’re helping the community with this impressive project.

“I’m excited to take the blankets to the shelter,” said student Mahlea. Her classmate and blanket-making partner Martha agreed that it will be rewarding to see where their work is going.

We are proud of this group of dedicated young women donating their efforts to a worthy cause. They’re setting a great example of the level of service our community can expect from the IPS family!