Agenda highlights for next week’s review and action sessions provided by the Board Office. You are invited to sign up to offer public comment at the meetings, or you may contact Board Administrator Zach Mulholland with your feedback.


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Proposed Revision to Student Assignment Policy

Board Policy requires that the student assignment policy be reviewed and updated annually; in order to transition to a more customer friendly and transparent choice enrollment and lottery process for students and families, IPS Enrollment and Options Officer Greg Newlin has proposed a simple and easy to understand policy. This policy outlines the definition of neighborhood and choice schools along with the application process for our choice programs. The policy is just the first step; after receiving feedback from Commissioners, the Enrollment & Options team will develop administrative guidelines to share with staff, students and families to outline the detailed steps to choose IPS.

Facilities Use Policy & Guidelines

In an effort to more closely align with the Board’s Core Commitment that “The district maintains efficient instructional and business systems that operate in a transparent and ethical way,” the proposed policy and administrative guidelines would make the process of renting IPS facilities easier for our valued community partners & more efficient for IPS staff. Fees charged to renters would be updated to reflect current costs, as well as creating public record of the fee schedule.

IPS & Education Resource Strategies Agreement

The Board will consider Phase II of a partnership with Education Resource Strategies (ERS) to determine how resources—time, people, and dollars—are distributed throughout the district. Equity analysis will benchmark where IPS stands in allocating dollars relative to student needs, and the ERS team would begin the design of the systems and processes needed to transition IPS to a student-based allocation method of budgeting, which allots funding to schools based on student needs instead of allocating teachers based on numbers of students. ERS would also assist IPS in designing a formula that will provide additional funding for special education & English language learners, and ERS would collaborate with the IPS Human Resources team to ensure that we recruit and keep the most effective teachers and that we have our best teachers in the classrooms where they are needed most.

Simon Youth Academy at Circle Centre


Indianapolis Public Schools, in collaboration with the Simon Youth Foundation, is set to launch the Simon Youth Academy on the fourth floor of Circle Centre Mall on Oct. 20. The Simon Youth Academy will enroll up to 60 students in grades 11 and 12 and is focused on accelerating student learning through a combination of online instruction, face to face small group instruction and career exploration in order to place students on a positive trajectory towards graduation from high school and career success.


Donation of Surplus School Buses for Public Safety Training Purposes


A number of school buses have become surplus to the district and are no longer needed for school purposes. Six of the school buses identified as surplus have sustained damage, either mechanically or structurally, and it is not feasible to repair or sell this equipment. The Indiana State Police have reached out to IPS, expressing an interest in the use of this equipment at the Hamilton County Public Safety Training Center for safety programs and/or training purposes.


Indianapolis Fire Department Equipment Loan


In order to support the educational platform offered as part of the Fire Safety Program located at the IPS Career & Technology Center, the Department of Public Safety, on behalf of the Indianapolis Fire Department, has agreed to loan certain firefighting equipment to IPS. The program is designed to increase awareness and generate interest among high school students about the fundamentals of the training and skills required to be a firefighter.


Indianapolis Public Library Digital Yearbook Archive


The Indianapolis Public Library seeks written permission to display the yearbooks of ten IPS high schools in the Library’s free, online digital collections. These yearbooks have been digitized and displayed online since 2009, and the Library is asking for written permission to continue that display.