Second Grade Student from Daniel Webster School 46  

After a bathroom breaks, hand washing and water sipping, the second grade class of Mrs. Jennifer Hynes lined up for lunch. At the front of the line, among his friends, wearing a heart-melting grin and a Doc McStuffins sticker on his shirt was Damon B. Despite his health struggles last year, Damon, has returned to school for the 2015-2016 school year. Damon recently underwent a liver transplant and spent much of his time in the hospital. Mrs. Hynes served as his off-campus inclusion instructor while he was away to ensure that he did not fall behind with his studies. As it happens, she is now a classroom teacher for Daniel Webster School 46 and she serves as his teacher in the classroom this year. A familiar face and smile go a long way, as staff says, he is “doing much better.”


After a fun play session at recess, Damon caught Principal Karen Linn in the hallway; she greeted him with a smile and said “ Hey Buddy! Am I ever glad to see you!” he looked up with a grin and said, “Am I ever glad to see you too!!”


It’s upsetting to see children battling what seem to be insurmountable obstacles, but it makes your heart smile when they are triumphant in their efforts. We are thankful for Principal Linn’s leadership as staff rallied to encourage and support Damon and his family and for Ms. Hynes’s diligence in ensuring he received customized instruction along his difficult health journey. We know Damon fought hard to return to school with his friends and we are so excited to see him in the classroom; wishing you the best of luck Damon! Welcome back!