In reflecting on the past year of School Board action, Board Secretary Hannon and Board Commissioner Sam Odle both agreed that the work collectively done by the Board of School Commissioners and Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee has been squarely focused on students.

Hannon said, “Our Governance Team is focused on building a student-centered district. Dr. Ferebee’s efforts to engage the community, local philanthropy and the private sector is indicative of our commitment to meeting the needs of all students in the district.”

Odle agreed, saying Dr. Ferebee shares the Board’s vision “for how great IPS can be, how we can get to be a school system that knows every child by name and need, and how we will do whatever we have to in order to meet that need.”
Odle went on to say that Board and Dr. Ferebee also agree that “every child can learn regardless of their socioeconomic status, we have to attract and retain great leaders and teachers to give our students the best chance for success, and we need the whole community, especially parents, engaged in educating our children.”

To have a School Board and Superintendent in agreement on such important foundational concepts is truly a boon to the district!