That colorful, welcoming reading room inside George W.
Julian School 57 has been enticing — some might say teasing — students since it
was unveiled a few days before summer break began.Reading room


Students have been anxiously waiting to get inside the Ben
Carson Reading Room, with its life-size mural, comfy couches and bean bag
chair, plush carpeting and hundreds of copies of some of the most popular kids’


“Some of the kids were actually mad at me because we didn’t
open up the room for them to use before summer break,” said Brandon Randall,
Parent Involvement Educator at School 57.

Books in reading Room


Well, the wait will soon be over! The scholars at George W.
Julian will finally get to use the room on Monday, Aug. 8, during its grand


It room will be available during lunch and recess hours,
from 11:45 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. Books can be read while inside the room, but not
checked out. A log or sign-in sheet will help students keep track of the books
they are reading and where they are in the book. There’s also a Kindle inside,
for those who prefer to read E-books!


Randall said hours of operation are limited right now, but
could increase depending on the number of parent or community volunteers the
school can get to monitor the reading room.


In the meantime, students will be happy to finally begin
reading the nearly 700 books inside the Ben Carson Reading Room.


\Happy reading to the students of George W. Julian School 57!