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Rodriguez Receives MCEL National Leadership Institute Fellowship

Dr. Arturo Rodriguez, senior ENL coordinator for Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), has been accepted as a fellow in the National Leadership Institute, a program hosted by Men of Color in Educational Leadership (MCEL).

Chosen from a large pool of impressive applicants, Rodriguez is one of only 15 national fellows selected for the program’s inaugural year.

The National Leadership Institute is a 1-year immersive leadership development experience that follows the hybrid/cohort model. MCEL, a national non-profit of educational leaders from across the educational leadership spectrum, supports male leaders of color who are uniquely positioned to disrupt current ecosystems, lead through their authentic selves, and serve as critical levers to student success.

“I am looking forward to participating in this development project because it will allow me to enhance my skills to help students reach their full potential,” Rodriquez said. “At the same time, research shows us there is a dire need of an increase in diversity in K-12 leadership. I believe that by creating a more diverse group of administrative leaders we may assist our students to better understand that while everyone is different, in the most fundamental ways, everyone is the same and should be treated with respect.”

Dr. Warren Morgan, IPS’s chief academic officer, said Rodriquez is the perfect candidate for the leadership institute.

“His leadership will help shape the future of education and ensure that all students, regardless of race or background, have access to high-quality education,” Morgan said.

MCEL’s mission is to develop and support a strong network of male leaders of color who lead fiercely through their authentic selves and lived experiences. The organization also aims to disrupt the current trends in education, which indicate that without intervention, men of color in education leadership are heading towards extinction within the next decade.