At over 65,000 square feet, Indianapolis Public Schools Minnie Hartmann School 78 at 3734 East Vermont Street is the largest building we are currently offering for sale or lease. Its space, location and zoning make it a great buy.
Abbe Hohmann, President of Site Strategies Advisory, LLC, and part of our district’s Real Estate Review Team put the property in perspective, “School 78 is a three-story building located between two main east/west arteries serving downtown—Michigan and New York Streets. The site was rezoned in 2011 greatly expanding the list of approved uses, giving a new owner the opportunity to take full advantage of the 65,000 square feet of space on 2.7 acres.”
The spacious and historic structure (its oldest section built in 1923) is currently vacant, having been closed in 2009. Its location on the near eastside between New York and Michigan Streets means ready access to Indy’s vibrant, growing downtown.
Finally, with approved CS zoning already in place, potential buyers have everything they need to develop the property to fit their vision!
The property was part of a Near Eastside Quality of Life Plan in 2008 that included as goals to decrease vacant properties, increase housing occupancy and create healthy commercial corridors in the area. We’re proud to offer a property that can be developed toward those goals while at the same time increasing our own efficiency as an operation!
You are welcome to tour School 78 on June 24 from 1:00-2:30 p.m. For more information about this and the other properties for sale or lease, check out our district real estate website at If you have more specific questions, please email Abbe Hohmann at