At 4.18 acres, Indianapolis Public
Schools Florence Fay School 21 is the largest parcel for sale by the district.
However, its 2815 English Avenue location means size isn’t the only
thing this site has to offer!    

School 21 is located within the recently announced Near
Eastside “Promise Zone,” one of eight communities in the United States given
that designation by President Obama’s administration. This means anyone buying
this property has greater access to grants and federal money for their
redevelopment plans!  

Further, because the same is true
for everyone in the Promise Zone, buyers of this property are purchasing a unique
chance to flourish with the community.  James
Taylor, CEO of the John H. Boner Community Center, which led the push for the
Promise Zone, recently told local media, “This is an opportunity to again
reinforce that this neighborhood is growing, that it is beginning to thrive, that
it is a good place for businesses to locate here.”

Abbe Hohmann, President of Site Strategies Advisory, LLC,
and part of the district’s Real Estate Review Team agreed. “School 21 presents an opportunity to envision a more
impactful redevelopment project, including the retail center to the east of the
school and land to the south.  The recent designation as a federal
‘Promise Zone’ provides access to funds and grants to help
finance projects in this neighborhood,” she said.

We’re proud that our own steps toward more efficient
operations have coincided with the Promise Zone designation on the Near
Eastside and that we can offer this spacious property to a great buyer looking
to take advantage of a prime area for Indianapolis urban redevelopment!

You can find more information about this and the
other properties for sale or lease at our district real estate website at If you have more specific questions, please email
Abbe Hohmann at