In their efforts to support and inspire students to set and achieve their goals, Cold Spring School hosted a Positive Professionals Day today. The morning featured around 25 male professionals from various organizations throughout Indianapolis, including IPS central services. Volunteers kicked off the day by greeting students as they walked into the school with high-fives and words of encouragement. IPS participant, Executive Assistant Jose Juarez shared that “It’s wonderful for students to see grown men that look like them in professional positions telling them that they can be like them when they grow up.” 


Students of Cold Spring were given the opportunity to mingle and chat with the Positive Professionals during their breakfast hour, allowing them to build strong communication skills and confidence. “We know the presence of positive role models has a tremendous impact on our students by reminding them that we have high expectations for them and are here to support their achievements,” says participant, Board Administrator Zach Mulholland. 

To close out the experience, each Positive Professional volunteer introduced themselves to the student body noting who they are and their profession. The demographic population of Cold Spring School reflects roughly 75% African American, 15% Caucasian and 10% Hispanic; the goal was to have those demographics of the men to mirror that of our students.


“This was a pleasant surprise for our students today,” said Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee. “They didn’t expect to be greeted in that manner. As soon as they saw us, they were all smiles and full of excitement. It was nice to see so many majority males supporting the event, many of whom had an opportunity to speak to the full group and provide motivation. Participants represented a wide range of professions, including law enforcement, education and various business industries. I believe this was impactful for students and they clearly felt valued.”


With a vision to inspire and to give students a renewed sense of hope and encouragement, this event introduced students to positive male role models and served as a reminder of the possibility of success; it showed our students that IPS and Indianapolis are cheering for them to accomplish great things! Professional women are just as important and a special event will be offered in the spring semester to highlight the strong female figures in our community. Be on the lookout for information regarding this event coming soon.