Your resume is often times your first foot forward when applying for a job. It serves as your very own professional representative and will hopefully help convince your prospective employer that you are indeed the best candidate for the role. Preparing our students for life after graduation is our focus. Indianapolis Public Schools is offering as much support and information as possible to help each student graduate on time with tools for success after high school.


Through Naviance, students can access a program called Internship Preparation. Through this tool, students will have the ability to create a resume and also complete the Who You Are® Personality Assessment and the Career Interest Profiler. Parents and teachers will be able to monitor a students’ progress and offer additional guidance or encouragement where needed.  Building a resume can be intimidating for a student who has never created one before; the tools available through Naviance offer students a structured and easy to follow approach. 


Drafting a resume when you’re a high school student who likely has limited experience can be tough, but you may have more experience than you think. Experiences such as babysitting, yardwork for relatives and neighbors, volunteering and internships help to showcase your valuable work skills that employers want to see. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Create an outline. Making a quick list with all of your experiences, paid or unpaid will be helpful when plugging your info into Naviance.
  • Include informal work experience. Formal work experience on your resume is a given, but be sure to include informal work as well. Examples: babysitting, lawn mowing or shoveling snow. 
  • Include your extracurricular activities. Mention any activities such as volunteer work, clubs or athletics. Listing these types of experiences, especially if you’ve held a leadership role within them, will showcase your character and work ethic. 
  • Mention achievements. List any scholarships, awards or accolades to showcase your hard work.
  • Use action verbs. Be sure to use active language when describing your experiences. Examples: organized, led, tutored or created.
  • Proofread. Always proofread your work. It can be helpful to have a friend, teacher or parent look over the document again for additional guidance. 

Through the use of this tool available in Naviance, our students will be on the fast-track to success. We encourage every high school student to create a resume and update it frequently. If you need additional support or have questions, please contact your school counselor.