The smell of sawdust lingers in the air, ceiling tiles are
waiting to be replaced in some rooms and you’ll have to watch your step inside,
but that simply means renovations are moving along at Edison School of the Arts
IPS 47.


The new K–8 performing arts school (formerly called
Nicholson Performing Arts Academy, located inside IPS School 70) will make its
debut with a new name in a new location on August 1. The creation of Edison
allows Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities to phase out
its middle school program and focus on high school only.Edison School of the Arts


Housed in the former Key Learning Community (which shuttered
its doors at the end of the 2015–2016 school year), the reconfigured K–8
performing arts magnet will now be housed in a larger location near major arts
organizations within the city.


But there’s still lots of work to do before the first day of
school, with a few things left to tweak even after opening day.


“We have partnered with TeenWorks
to get the grounds and building where we want them and 225 Eli
volunteers will join us on the Lilly Day of Service in October to
beautify the grounds, to paint murals and more,” said Nathan Tuttle, principal
of Edison Schoolof the Arts IPS 47.  “We
are thrilled about our progress and are fully staffed at present with an eager
and highly qualified team!”


Currently, the IPS Operations crew and other contracted
supporters are hard at work creating that brand new state-of-the-art facility —
including a new black box theater with updated lighting, sound and stage
equipment; a brightly-lit and expansive dance studio; as well as additional
music rooms to support student growth and success.


Upgrades and changes are also being made to the school’s
website and social media platforms. The newly revamped sites will launch July 1.


In other IPS School

While the School 70 building will no longer house the
performing arts magnet, it won’t be vacant for long. A brand new Center for
Inquiry, featuring an International Baccalaureate program for Grades K–8, will
take over the three-story building at 46th Street and Central


The new CFI IV at School 70 is open to students
districtwide, unlike CFI 2, 27 and 84 which base enrollment by geographic


When CFI IV opens, its principal will be familiar to the CFI
family. Christine Collier will leave her post as principal at CFI 84 to become
principal of CFI IV. IPS Principal Kathleen Miller will transition from her
role as principal of William McKinley School 39 to principal of CFI 84.


The Achiever will continue to provide updates and features
stories as progress continues at both Edison School of the Arts and CFI 1V at
School 70.


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