Indianapolis Public Schools is dedicated to providing enhanced learning experiences to our students and strengthening professional development and compensation opportunities for our staff. Lew Wallace School 107 is improving student achievement outcomes and building a culture of success by leveraging strategic partnerships that help support student growth and implementing an exciting new teaching model. It’s a new day for students and staff at Lew Wallace! 


Opportunity Culture
Bringing significant rewards to the strongest educators in IPS, the Opportunity Culture model offers significant compensation increases to the most influential teacher leaders. As one of six Opportunity Culture pilot schools, Lew Wallace is enthusiastic about the next chapter.


“We are excited about the opportunity to expand the reach of Highly Effective Teachers to more students,” said Principal Jeremy Baugh. “Through an MCL (Multi-Classroom Leader) approach, we will have three coaches in the building who will support and work with teachers and students to offer exceptional instruction in all aspects of our school.”


Multi-Classroom Leaders will serve as both teachers and team leaders, those leading our largest teams will receive an additional $18,300 stipend in addition to their base salary. For a 16-year veteran teacher, this could result in an annual salary of $77,000. Leadership role payments are based on three factors:

  • The increased responsibilities and accountability of instructional leadership roles
  • The academic needs of students
  • The teacher’s evaluation

For a full breakdown of teacher leader roles and more information about Opportunity Culture visit our website.


Strategic Partnerships
After the Creative Kindergarten Connections Program received positive recognition and made a major impact on the students of Lew Wallace, the dedicated staff from Art with a Heart (AWaH) collaborated with the Lew Wallace team to develop a preschool program. The school was recently chosen to pilot the preschool program this semester; it is already garnering an excellent response among students and will continue to build a growing excitement for learning.


The community partners that have teamed up with the Lew Wallace team are creating an atmosphere that will foster substantial growth and development for the students within the walls of the school. By working together with organizations such as UNICEF and Kids Dance Outreach, and through the implementation of a new teaching model, the possibilities for growth are limitless. “By strategically partnering with some of the most influential organizations and with a new teaching model, we believe we can increase the performance rate of our students here at Lew Wallace to be higher than 80 percent!” says Principal Baugh.


Now is the time to join the dedicated staff of Lew Wallace School 107 as they embark on an exciting journey of evolution! Focused on the infinite developmental progress of every student, Principal Baugh and his team are looking forward to an upgraded educational atmosphere. Lew Wallace School 107 is currently seeking exceptional leaders for grades K-2 to fill the new MCL 3 (Multi-Classroom Leader III) position as well as support roles for grades 4-6 in ELA and Math. We welcome the strongest teachers to apply for one of the many rewarding roles within the Opportunity Culture Pilot cohort.