The expansion of Racial Equity Training throughout
Indianapolis Public Schools is well underway. This training will improve understanding
and awareness of racism and will be the first step in proactively addressing
the issue.

Organizational development for the district and Phase I
training for the 10 selected pilot schools is advancing and will continue
throughout the year. With Phase II to follow in 2016, district teams are in
place and will be trained to assist the schools at ground level with their efforts
around racial equity and cultural responsiveness.

“Racism will not go away overnight but this initiative
will help facilitate and change the way people view our parents and
children,” says IPS Administrator on Special Assignment Dr. Patricia
Payne. “We are excited about the change this is going to make for our families
and students.”

The following schools were chosen as pilot schools for the
Racial Equity Training that will continue through January 29, 2016: Charles
Warren Fairbanks School 105, George Washington Community High School, Rousseau
McClellan School 91, Clarence Farrington School 61, Francis W. Parker School
56, Joyce Kilmer School 69, George H. Fisher School 93, Daniel Webster School
46, Eleanor Skillen School 34, and Stephen Foster School 67.

The Racial Equity Institute (REI) will lead a collaboration
of community members with IPS to improve outcomes for students with hopes of
eliminating racial disparity and addressing needed changes. The training
sessions will be ongoing through the year, and community members are invited to
sit in on those sessions.

This is important work and we hope to make a major impact on
the lives of our students and families!