Asante Children’s Theatre honored Patricia Payne as the recipient of their 2014 Living Legend Award on September 25 as a part of their third annual Legacy Cabaret fundraiser.

The theatre is honoring Mrs. Payne because of her “reputation for promoting multicultural education and for her work at the Crispus Attucks Museum,” said Keesha Dixon, Executive Director of the Asante Children’s Theatre.

The Legacy Cabaret pays tribute to “lost legends,” people both in the performing arts and other areas who are now gone and who may have been forgotten. Dixon said, “We believe we have a share in the responsibly to keep the flame of their existence burning so they are always remembered.”

The Living Legend Award was created to honor those still living who have, according to Dixon, given of themselves so that others could prosper. Indianapolis Public Schools couldn’t agree more with their selection of Patricia Payne for the Living Legend Award this year, and we’re proud to celebrate with her!

More information about the Asante Children’s Theater and the Legacy Cabaret can be found here.