— Sept. 2, 2016


Although fine arts have been part of a balanced curriculum
for decades, many school districts are cutting back or eliminating arts
programming because of budget constraints.


Not at Indianapolis Public Schools.


With the help of many strong community partners, IPS
continues to provide a solid arts education for our students. One of those
partners is Art With a Heart (AWaH), a
non-profit organization that offers hands-on visual arts programming for
at-risk youth.



AWaH offers a number of programs that target children of all
ages to improve their quality of life through artistic expression. In addition
to the visual arts component, AWaH programming — which is held during school
hours and after school — builds critical thinking and problem-solving
skills in students.  


“Art allows children to experience success,” said Kaitlyn
Akin, Art With a Heart’s director of Out-of-School programs. “There is no right
or wrong answer in art, and this builds self-confidence that will filter into
every other aspect of their life.”


Art has the power to inspire, motivate and educate our
students. Numerous studies have revealed the astounding benefits of this key
educational component and we are dedicated in continuing our efforts to bolster
fine arts education in our classrooms.