Late last year, Indianapolis Public Schools reached out to our partners at the Indiana University Public Policy Institute for assistance in reviewing IPS Police operations, administrative practices (including budgeting and finances), and external partnerships. Early results from the study are being reviewed. Committed to the safety of every student, staff member and guest within our network of schools, we are thrilled to have completed Phase I of the Safety Study. Through this partnership, IPS has gained invaluable information that will help our team enhance our public safety efforts, which will ultimately impact everyone in and around our schools.

“This partnership with the IU Public Policy Institute is very exciting. It’s always good to have a team of people come in and find how we can improve our current processes,” says David Rosenberg, IPS Operations Officer. “We’re excited to see what the Institute’s findings and recommendations will be.”

The report from the safety study will summarize research and findings related to:

  • Existing literature on school-based police officers and police departments
  • Data including IPS Police Department’s budget and personnel, cases and incident reports, investigations, arrests and use of force reports
  • Interviews with IPS officers and personnel
Serving as an important first step in our efforts to improve district safety practices, the research and analysis portion of this initiative is now complete. The IPS Operations Division and IU Public Policy officials are joining forces to conduct a full evaluation of the data gathered through this study and will determine positive practices and areas of improvement.
IPS police officers have a combined 458 years of service and are dedicated, skilled public servants concerned with the well-being of IPS students.

“I hope the end result is that they use what we do in our district as a model of how the work should be done in other districts, and I hope we gain some new insights to our processes as well,” says IPS Police Chief Garner. 

Results from the safety study, intended outcomes and a roadmap to implement future changes are expected in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to sharing this impactful information with our community.