Construction Technology is a field that offers students a wide variety of opportunities after they complete high school. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 1.6 million new jobs in this field by 2022! In efforts to connect students with industry professionals and to provide real-world opportunities for students, the IPS Career Technology Center partnered with Duke Realty in Summer 2015. Duke Realty completely revamped the space at CTC, dedicating hours of service to provide a professional environment for students to work and learn. The Duke Realty Construction Lab course launched in the 2015-2016 school year and has already proven itself valuable to our students.


“The construction management program with Duke Realty is a privilege for us, as students, because we get the opportunity to see what careers are available in construction management and we get to experience what the jobs will be like,” says Josue H. Senior studying the Architecture and Design career pathway.


Every Thursday, the Duke team gives instruction that exposes students to people and careers in construction management and other related fields. Students have the opportunity to follow along the Duke Realty project timeline focusing on development services, preconstruction, project management and field supervision.


“The program is eye-opening for students because most of the careers that they get to experience, they’ve never been exposed to.  Duke Realty has done an outstanding job of bringing learning to life through construction management simulations, worksite visits, and by allowing students to work and learn alongside a multitude of professionals throughout their entire company.  We want to ensure that students are excited about high-demand careers in construction management and that they have the confidence to pursue these careers,” says Ben Carter, Director of Career and Technical Education at CTC.


Duke is providing an all-star program that will steer students to successful careers in Construction Technology. There are 25 students currently enrolled in the program, all are in various career pathways such as: Civil Engineering, HVAC and Welding. This exceptional program is challenging students, giving them the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real life situations. Duke Realty and the team at the CTC are setting our students up for success by providing hands-on learning experiences with the simulated workplace environment inside of the CTC.


We are thankful for our existing partnerships and look forward to new ones that will connect our students to successful careers!