Parents from James Garfield School 31 put in their hands at Parent University. James A. Garfield School 31’s Parent Leadership University started on September 10 and continues through September 24 at the youth center at Southeast Community Services.

The main idea behind the university is to train parent leaders to come up with their own ideas, organize events and pursue their own goals. James A. Garfield wants to ensure parents are a driving force, not just in the school, but in the whole Southeast Indianapolis community.

One participant in the university, parent Melissa Johnson, is excited by the team-building and project planning skills she is learning. She anticipates more effective “communication and outreach in the neighborhood. We’ll know how to approach those communications better.”

Sarah McAfee, Community Coordinator and Parent Involvement Educator at James A. Garfield, thinks the sky’s the limit if they unlock the leadership potential and creativity of their parents. After just the first session, she said, “Parents are already thinking of their own ideas and are ready to plan them out.”

James A. Garfield knows if they increase parental support by providing useful tools for better engagement while they educate students a stronger community will be the result. IPS is proud to have its schools so devoted to educating and empowering the whole family!