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Microsoft Reports National Outage Fixed, But District Asks Students to Log in Earlier than Normal on Tuesday to Test

IPS Parents/Guardians:

There was a national outage by Microsoft that occurred Monday night, which affected some students and staff throughout the district. This outage caused issues with access to Microsoft Teams and other district platforms that require single sign-on credentials. Microsoft has reported that the underlying issue that caused the outage has been fixed. 

In an effort to ensure that your student is not experiencing issues, please have your scholar log on to their academic platformsat least 30 minutes earlier than normal this morning (Tuesday, Sept. 29). If they have any issues logging into Microsoft Teams, Clever or any other district platform, please contact your student’s teacher.

If enough families report issues today, the district might need to move to an asynchronous schedule, in lieu of live instruction, for all students on Tuesday, Sept. 29, to ensure that learning still continues for everyone.

As a reminder, for any other technical issues you may have, please call 317-226-3600.