Pecan cheesecake bars, Chess pie, Mexican wedding cake cookies and more! These are just a few items you can choose from the dessert menu at the Colonel’s Cupboard restaurant this year.

The Arsenal Technical High School staple will open for the school year on October 21.

However, desserts aren’t the only items on the menu. Patrons can order anything from that day’s special to made-to-order pork tenderloins and cheeseburgers.

Did we mention our IPS Career Center Culinary Arts students prepare everything?

Well, they do and the food is amazing!

Students in the Culinary Arts program prepare and serve the food at the restaurant. This not only provides students with culinary experience in an actual kitchen, but also restaurant management skills.

Third year student Oscar says one of his favorite parts of the Colonel’s Cupboard is interacting with and serving the customers.

Briana, a third-year student as well, agrees. Her dream is to own a restaurant. And what better way to learn about owning a restaurant then helping your classmates run one on campus!

The students work in a restaurant-quality kitchen on the Arsenal Tech campus. Their teacher, Chef King has worked with the program for 11 years and before that worked in a restaurant downtown. King ensures that the kitchen operates similar to a restaurant kitchen.

“We know what to expect,” says Oscar. “We have to work fast. It’s helping us get ready for our future jobs.”

King works with the students to find their niche. One of her students is excelling with pastry crèmes so patrons may find more desserts like éclairs on the menu this year.

“We work with the students to develop their skills and ensure they have a passion for the industry,” says King.

That skill development also includes placing third-year students in an internship. Former students have completed internships at Palomino, The Legends and the Marriot Downtown.

“We’re teaching them dedication and commitment and how to work together as a team so they learn to support one another and pull together,” says King.

We’re so proud to have an excellent culinary arts program in the district! Interested students can get more information on the program at

Looking for a new place to have lunch? The Colonel’s Cupboard is open to the public! Visit them Monday-Friday from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.