you ready to make a career change this summer? Do you want to positively impact
the lives of Indianapolis Public Schools students? Now is the time to join


opportunities at IPS are as unique as the members of our vibrant community –
there are many exciting opportunities for candidates with a variety of career
backgrounds. Whether you’re a veteran educator or a professional seeking to
support our students, we have a rewarding opportunity for you! 


There’s even an
opportunity for current IPS employees to earn a reward for referring great
talent to the district. We are offering a $250 incentive to IPS employees for each Special
Education, Social Work and Counseling applicant hired through this incentive.
If those hires remain in their position for a full school year, the IPS
employee is eligible for an additional $250! If you refer a friend, ensure they
list your name when asked, “How did you hear about this job?” on the employment


out some of our hottest jobs currently available:


Opportunity Culture Teacher

you’re a veteran teacher looking to impact more students and earn more money,
we have a position for you! Our district is extending the reach of excellent
teachers to more students, for more pay, through a new and
innovative staffing framework 
called Opportunity Culture. IPS is
piloting Opportunity Culture in six of our schools on the west side of
Indianapolis for the 2016–17 school year. Depending on the level of educator
responsibility, annual stipends range from $6,800 to $18,300 (in addition to
base salary) for different leadership roles without having to leave the


School Counselors 

Public Schools’ (IPS) Counselors play an integral part in students’
achievement in and out of the classroom. We strive to provide world-class
services by providing comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling
services to students in the areas of academic achievement, career and
educational decision-making and personal/social development. As a result,
we have many exciting opportunities for counselors to make
a lasting impact in the lives of our students! 


Social Workers 

IPS Social
Workers play an integral part in the lives of students by addressing
barriers to their learning. We strive to provide world-class services by
providing support at schoolwide, family, small group and individual
levels. As a result, we have many exciting opportunities for social
workers to make a lasting impact in the lives of our students!


Academic Improvement Officer

you an experienced administrator ready to share your knowledge with principals
in a new and rewarding way? IPS is seeking a dynamic manager of school
principals to drive academic achievement and assist in the coordination and
articulation of the district’s curriculum and instruction across and between
grade levels. The Academic Improvement Officer assists principals with
decision-making and problem-solving, and supports principals in recruiting,
retaining and developing staff.


Public Relations Coordinator 

Public Schools’ Public Relations Department is seeking a Public Relations
Coordinator to serve as the lead customer service administrator for the
district and manage district reputation through the oversight of IPS signature
events and the IPS Service Center, the district’s customer service hub. The
Public Relations Coordinator supports the work and mission of the Public
Relations Division by consistently delivering high-quality service to all
stakeholders by developing innovative and engaging promotions, providing
timely, accurate and relevant information, enhancing community outreach and
supports and showcasing outstanding accomplishments.


Media Relations Coordinator

have an exciting opportunity for journalists as the IPS Newsroom expands! Our
Public Relations Division is seeking an additional Media Relations Coordinator
to support the strategic objectives of the district and promote a positive
district image by planning, organizing and implementing media strategies. The
Media Relations Coordinator supports the work and mission of the Public
Relations Division by providing timely and accurate information to media
partners, developing innovative and engaging promotions and showcasing
outstanding accomplishments through internal and external publications.


more information on these and other job opportunities at IPS, check out our Human Resources page now!