November 2019 Board Highlights

When the Indianapolis Public Schools Board of School Commissioners convened for its Board Review Session Tuesday, Nov. 19, and Board Action Session Thursday, Nov. 21, topics included a report on Innovation Network School applicants and updates on enrollment analysis, the Facilities Optimization Study and innovation renewal agreements.

What follows is a deeper look at some of those agenda items.

Enrollment Analysis Update

Enrollment and Options Director Patrick Herrel presented the latest information on IPS enrollment trends.

Key Messages:

  • K-8 enrollment trends show the following:
    • Total enrollment is increasing.
    • Enrollment at district Choice, innovation Choice and innovation neighborhood schools is increasing.
    • Enrollment at district neighborhood schools is declining.
  • Grade 6 to 7 transition and retention shows:
    • The transition between grades 6 to 7 is where IPS loses the largest amount of students.
    • K-8 schools are seeing increasing retention to seventh grade while K-6 schools are seeing a decrease.
    • Two-thirds of students who leave IPS at the sixth grade go to private or township schools.
  • 9-12 enrollment trends show the following:
    • Despite high school closures, IPS-managed schools have maintained stable enrollment.
    • Innovation schools have contributed significantly to high school enrollment overall.
  • Grade 8 to 9 transition and retention shows:
    • IPS retains 82 percent of eighth graders in the IPS family of schools.
    • The majority of students from Choice schools go to Crispus Attucks and Shortridge high schools.
    • The majority of students from neighborhood schools go to Arsenal Tech and Crispus Attucks high schools.
  • Demographics and special programs data show:
    • Changes made by IPS at K-8 schools regarding Choice, such as portfolio/innovation changes, Enroll Indy and policy changes, have diversified IPS Choice programs.
    • High school reconfiguration helped diversify IPS high schools.
    • Innovation high schools have diversified under IPS partnership.

For more information, click here: Boarddocs: IPS Enrollment Trends

Facilities Optimization Study

Director of Strategy Sarah Robinson Chin provided a recommendation for Board approval, through the General Purchasing Report, on the vendor for the Facilities Optimization Study.

What Audiences Need to Know:

  • In alignment with the strategic priority, Sustainable Finances and Operations, IPS has designed and implemented an annual portfolio planning process that is inclusive of innovation and traditional schools.
  • That planning process utilizes performance, financial, enrollment, utilization and equity data to drive transparency, community conversations and decision-making.

Key Messages:

  • The district will complete a Facilities Optimization Study (FOS).
  • The study will include all IPS-owned facilities and encompass the following:
    • Building inspection – HVAC, roof, etc. to assess deferred maintenance.
    • Space and utilization assessment.
    • Creation of a capacity formula.
    • Academic programming suitability assessment.
  • The timeline includes:
  • The Administration will recommend MGT:
    • They bring a national perspective, but supported by a local office.
    • They have success leading similar projects in other urban districts.
    • They have a high-value proposal with controlled cost and team size.

For more information, click here: Boarddocs: Facilities Optimization Study/Recommendation for Approval

ACTION: Approved 7-0

Innovation Network School Selection Update

Chief Portfolio Officer Jamie VanDeWalle provided an update on Innovation Network Schools applicants.

What Audiences Need to Know:

  • IPS has received 10 letters of interest from schools applying to join the Innovation Network Schools.
  • Four of those schools will make a presentation to the Board during the November Action Session.

Key Messages:

  • Adelante Schools is applying to restart an existing IPS school in fall 2020 or Fall 2021.
    • Mission: We unite in solidarity with our families and community to create a joyous neighborhood school, preparing all scholars to graduate from college and lead lives of leadership and service in Indianapolis.
    • Program highlights include:
      • Dual teacher model.
      • Levers of leadership.
      • See it. Name it. Do it. – A theory of change for adult professional development.
  • The PATH (Purpose, Achievement, Talent, Heart) School is applying to restart an existing IPS school in fall 2020.
    • Mission: To provide a purpose-driven, culturally responsive learning environment that challenges scholars academically while supporting their social and emotional growth in order to develop conscientious citizens who transform their communities.
    • Program highlights include:
      • Social and emotional development for all.
      • Wraparound support for all.
      • Culturally responsive pedagogy.
  • Believe Circle City Prep High School is applying to be a charter partner in fall 2020.
    • Mission: To develop leaders by incorporating every student in a microsociety that will foster the academic achievement and core competencies needed to be a contributing member of our evolving society.
    • Program highlights include:
      • Purpose pathways.
      • Village.
      • Acceleration.
  • Arlington Woods Elementary School 99 is applying to be a Jumpstart Innovation school in fall 2020 and change its name to Sankofa School of Success.
    • Mission: To unlock students’ potential through social emotional learning and high-quality education.
    • Program highlights include:
      • Social Emotional Learning.
      • School wide mindfulness.
      • Flexible staffing plan.

For more information, click here: Boarddocs: Innovation Selection Update

Innovation Network School Agreement for Emma Donnan

Chief Portfolio Officer Jamie VanDeWalle shared a recommendation regarding the renewal of the Innovation Network School Agreement for Emma Donnan Elementary School.

What Audiences Need to Know:

  • When considering innovation agreement renewals, we review the following data points:

Key Messages:

  • Emma Donnan Elementary School Renewal Update
    • IPS recommends the IPS Board of School Commissioners does not renew the innovation agreement for CSUSA/ReThink Forward Indiana at Emma Donnan Elementary.
    • IPS holds high expectations for academic rigor, financial and enrollment sustainability and governance health for Innovation Network Schools.
    • Through an extensive renewal school quality review (RSQR) process in evaluating all of these systems, the district has determined it is not in the best interest of the students served in the Emma Donnan community nor the district as a whole to continue in partnership with the current operator of the school.
    • Supporting data for nonrenewal include:
      • Declining enrollment.
      • Compliance submission concerns.
      • High staff turnover.
      • Lack of vision and instructional rigor.
    • IPS will partner with the community to ask the State Board of Education to return Emma Donnan Middle School to IPS so the district can seek a new path forward for the K-8 school.
    • IPS will seek community input on what they are looking for in their school moving forward through a series of community meetings in an effort to return the school to local control with a partner that has ties to Indianapolis and a track record of proven results.
    • Next steps include:
      • Family, community and staff outreach – Immediately
      • State Board of Education meeting – Dec. 4
      • Updates to IPS Board – Dec. 19
      • New partner matching and selection – Ongoing

For more information, click here: Boarddocs: Innovation Renewal Update

Emma Donnan Elementary School Renewal School Quality Review Report

ACTION: Approved 7-0