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Nothing Better Than a New Pair of Shoes for Students at IPS School 46

In what Principal Allyson Peterkin described as the “happiest day of the year,” about 400 students at Daniel Webster School 46 received a new pair of kicks and got to hang out with Boomer and Freddie Fever at the annual Kroger Shoe Day.

A tradition of the holiday season, Kroger, the Indiana Pacers, and Shoe Carnival came together for the 19th annual giveaway to students at School 46. About 8,000 students have received new shoes since the first Shoe Day.

“This is our favorite time of the year. It brings so much joy to our students,” Peterkin said. “To see so many community partners help bring joy to our students’ lives is an amazing feeling. This is one of those events at our school that takes our breath away.”

Kroger provides a new pair of shoes and socks to each student, along with a new pair of gloves and a warm hat. The Indiana Pacers will provide a new toy to each student. Shoe Carnival will provide volunteers to help the students with the selection and fitting of shoes. The Pacers’ Boomer and Freddie of the Indiana Fever entertained the students.

“We have many families here who have not recovered financially from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Peterkin said. “This allows our students to receive high-quality shoes that fit well especially when we will be experiencing snow in the coming months.”

Eric Halvorson, Kroger’s public affairs manager, said that the company believes in the power of community and the importance of supporting the next generation.

“This event reflects our commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of local students and creating a sense of joy and comfort within our neighborhoods.”