Indianapolis Public Schools is happy to announce an expansion of the Kids Riding Bikes program at Gambold Preparatory Magnet High School! Nine13sports is partnering with the Indiana Air National Guard to bring their popular program back to Gambold Prep.

Kids Riding Bikes is a five-week cycling program aimed at teaching students about the local history of cycling and the benefits of this active sport, but this special version will feature Air National Guard Members along with Nine13sports staff. With this new aspect, Gambold Prep students will have an opportunity to learn more about the community members who choose to join the guard as well as the opportunities the National Guard brings, including careeroptions and financial aid for college.

“We believe that Indiana Air National Guard members serve as a great example of how you can be an active and supportive member in your community,” said Tom Hanley, Executive Director for Nine13sports. “They set the tone that you can be anything you want in life while still serving your community in a positive and productive fashion.”

We’re elated to see IPS students benefit from the partnership of these two great community organizations!